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Media Education

Wildlife Vaasa festival's media education project
began in 2008 and since then, thanks to our supporters and our participants motivation in making new films, it has been most successful with a production volume up to 25 films during a time period of 3 years.

media education

It also offers on a steady basis professional experience for media students in the form of training periods and learning by doing.

Here you can learn more from our project history (2008-2010)

...and here comes a brief overview of the current status of the project (2011-2012)

Continuing a fast successful tempo in 2010 (16 films), in early 2011 we began a new documentary film project together with a group of young immigrants who live in Vaasa. Together we created the film called "Mission Possible" which gathers and reflects their opinions concerning integration issues, combined together with various opinions and advices given by their Finnish educators. In addition to these elements, the film stresses the role of The Environment in order to successfully integrate into the Finnish society and way of life. For that, we included a two days nature adventure into the pristine Kvarken Archipelago.

pics 28-5-2011 036


During the spring of 2011 we launched another school film project called "Adventure at Storholmen" in cooperation with Dagsmark school in Lappfjärd an Ostrobothnian town 100 km south from Vaasa. The film shootings were carried out in a nature conservation area called Storholmen. The pupils participated in acting, filming, editing, creating the script, sound effects as well as 3 music soundtracks !

 MG 1411 


A third film project began in early summer 2011 in Korsnäs, out on the island Lillgrynnan in Korsnäs archipelago. The 90-year-old local legend Joel Lenlund talked on camera about traditions in fishing and seal hunting. In addition, he tells the elementary school students the story of their local museum in Korsnäs and about old Ostrobothnian customs and practices, back in the old days...

 MG 3294


By the autumn 2011 we were back in Korsnäs filming a journey through time back to the 1800s. Time travel-Korsnäs was conducted at the Korsnäs museum area and there were four primary schools who took part in it



Another time journey was filmed later by the autumn at Kaskinen's Fishing museum and it's surrounding areas in collaboration with Kaskinen school. Time travel-Kaskinen is depicting in a very dynamic way the old life style of the fishermen and brings up their cultural traditions in a very unique way.



Finally,this year in 2012 we are currently engaged at the nearby coastal town of Malax, together with the school of Norrköping and a new film project about Kvarken's Boat Museum which  is unique in all Scandinavia! Shootings are sceduled at the end of April. A video- treiler from the museum here:

 MG 0652


Media education project included also 2 training courses in video editing and film production by film educator Mr. Nik Van Eckmann.

img 7628


img 8198


Nature Film Week event in Vaasa in November 2011.

Luontoelokuvaviikkko A3 Jan EN


...and numerous nature film presentations at schools.

IMG 1198


Wildlife Vaasa Festival's Media education films, except Finland, they have been popular also in many film festivals from Greece and Armenia as far as China !



Some of these films are also available to see them in our festival's video playlist on Youtube:


All new upcoming films participated in Wildlife Vaasa Children and Youth film competition in 2012 and 2014 but also in many festivals around the world.

Here you can see an evaluation video from our festival's media education project


Media education project's successful operations during the last 5 years were made possible by financial support from the Finnish Culture Foundation's The Ostrobothnian Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Fund, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Child and Nature Foundation, Ostrobothnian museum and Vaasa City. Great thanks to All !






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